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Founded by Eng.  Carlos Canavarro, in 2004, Agran is a private company of agronomic services and agribusiness advisory, strategic planning, market studies and development of agricultural projects. Through a rigid outsourcing process, for each project that we are hired, experienced and highly qualified professionals are chosen and allocated. This garentees our services to have the best quality with the shortest time of execution. We advised farmers, agribusiness companies,  distributors, resellers and agricultural  cooperatives, autarchies, public and private organizations, and others.


Our mission

To create innovative solutions that assist each customer's real and specific needs, allowing the correct planning and the development of his agribusiness.

Main services


  • Precision farming projects. GIS and GPS

  • Environment and natural resources preservation

  • Sustainable agriculture

  • Soils usage and recovery

  • Minimum tillage

  • Use of  hidric resources. Pivot, drip and sprinklers irrigation

  • Chemical and organic fertirrigation

  • Integrated pests and diseases managenent

  • Organic agriculture

  • Plasticulture and hidropony

  • Systems of cattle confinement



  • Market intelligence

  • Analysis of technical and economical viability

  • Strategic planning

  • Development of projects and products

  • Study and development of markets

  • Researches and segmentation of markets

  • Marketing budget

  • Relationship marketing

  • Mercantile strategy. Sales and distributionnets

  • Promotional and communication programs

  • E-business



  • Managerial and administrative support

  • Control and analysis systems

  • Economic and financial planning

  • Administration of stocks and supplying

  • Trading and long-term markets

  • Administration of  human resources

  • Importation, exportation and logistic


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